Helping African American Families Live Healthier, Happier and Longer Lives

“Wonderfully Made"

PURPOSE of “Wonderfully Made”
  1. To build and nurture a coalition SET for LIFE, along with local churches servicing the African American/Black community, academia, businesses, government, hospitals and non-profit agencies , and people participate in this effort by invitation only.
  2. To work collaboratively to assure that every person, family, in Monrovia and Duarte have meaningful access to the full range of information and services related to health and wellness resources.  To reduce the high incidents of Chronic Diseases, Cancer and Mortality in African Americans/Blacks, improve lives, and increase the opportunities for living healthier, happier and longer lives by addressing key social determinants of health. ( Economic Stability, Education, Health and Healthcare, Social and Community Context)  

Bethel AME Church of Montovia
Community Baptist Church
Greater Ambassador COGIC
Israelite Church of God's Holiness
New Hope COGIC
Second Baptist Church, Inc.
City of Hope
Happy 50+
Tzu Chi Medical Foundation
Pastors Collaboration Kick-Off
Tuesday, December 10, 2019 , 11:00am - 1:00pm @ City of Hope ( Lunch Served)

BENEFITS of Collaboration
  1. Leverage complimentary missions, programming, services to improve quality of lives.
  2. Close health disparity gap among African Americans/Blacks in target communities.  
  3. Pull together resources for better outcomes and impact.
  4. Exchange ideas and experiences.
Eat. Move. Live. Healthy Eating Program at Second Baptist Church Monrovia on Sunday's @ 1:00pm. Registration is closed.
This pilot project is made possible through a  2019 City of Hope, Healthy Living Grant.