The Ixthus Players are back with a stunning Black history month dramatic presentation of 'The Collection Box: Set in the great state of Virginia during the late 1940's. Jacob Laban is devastated by the death of his beloved parents. Under pressure to save the family farm his parents spent their lives building, Jacob made a bombshell decision that shocks his new wife, leaves his wedding guest in disbelief and lands him in front of a judge and jury.


First Cast Table Read

Blocking Rehearsal

Meet the Production Crew

Pictured: Ariel, Justice, Amiyah, Jeremiah, Lauren, Dylan, Erika, Darius.
Not Pictured: Breana, Daylon, Mion

Meet The Cast

Larry Willis / Attorney Coleman

Jason Jenkins / Jacob Laban

Tirrell Dillard / Justice Wright

Michael Dickson / Rachel's Father

Carrie Walker / Ruth Banks

Kevin Herron / Drummer

Lucille Coleman / Queen of Sheba

Larry Hayes / Blackbeard Pirate

Samella Sibley / Dastard

Evelyn Jenkins Coleman / Voiceover, Narrator

Marilyn Croft / Farmer

Deborah Hayes / School Teacher

George Lewis / Dcotor

Melva Hill / Server #1

Jill Bradford / Server #3

Darrell Adkison / Mr. Natas

Lois Jenkins / Rachel Laban

Khalil Williams / Justice Wrigtht Clerk

Rochelle Bradford / Rachel's Mother

Robert Hamilton / Henry Banks

Delores Sanders / Musician

Donna Burke / Beth Sheba

Precious Flemings / Jezebel

Priscilla Stroud / Liar

Paije Jenkins / Herodias

Jan Stickland / Morton

Shirley Robinson / Narrator

Kathy Jackson / Lawyer

Eva McLaurin / Storekeeper

Emelbra Redd / Server #2

Nicole Matthews / Extra

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Foothilll Transit, Second Baptist Church, A & B Sound, SET for LIFE/FAMILIES

VIP - $20.00 General - $15.00 Seniors - $10.00 Children - $5.00  

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: Two Tickets for $25.00

Production Team

Ellen Clark Co-Writer / Director

Lille Tucker Co-Writer / Director

Ariel Tolefree Williams Stage Manager