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Ariel Tolefree-Williams

Patricia Duff Tucker

Betty Thomas
Vice President

Venda Hawkins

Emelbra Redd

SET for LIFE began an intensive strategic planning process in 2015. We have established a new vision and values which embraces the entire family.

Beginning January 2016 SET for LIFE is now SET for LIFE/ FAMILIES! and partner with our local community health partners and several outreach ministries within Second Baptist Church to increase opportunities to provide families with education, practical skills and training to lead healthier to better quaity off life.

City of Hope Community Benefit
City of Hope/CCARE
Mission of Mercy
The Food Pantry
LiveStream Conection
Second's Gazette
Teens In Progress
Prison/Angel Tree
Ixthus Productions
SET for LIFE was recognized by Monrovia Mayor Mary Ann Lutz and the City Council during council meeting. The recognition was for providing screenings and other resources for low income seniors and their families during the annual Healthing LIving for LIFE Expo. READ ARTICLE
SET for LIFE has also been featured in the City of Hope Winter 2013 publication for Zumba Fitness and Colorectal Cancer Screening Education Partnership. READ ARTICLE

SAT FEB 27 & SUN FEB 28, 2016

2016 Black History Month Presentation

On Saturday, February 27 and Sunday, February 28, 2016, this must-see production will captivate audiences and reflect on the consequences of our every decision. There are more than a few twist and turns in this dramatic saga.


For more information, check out PAGE 11 of the January 2016 Issue of Second's Gazette
SET for LIFE/FAMILIES gathered community youth from Teens In Progress (TIP) for a Healthy Living Focus Group discussion. The activity was sponsored by the City of Hope/Community Benefit Division and facilitated by Nancy Clifton Hawkins. VIDEO coming soon!
For more information check out PAGE 25 of the December 2015 Issue of Second's Gazette.
SET for LIFE/FAMILIES also gathered a small group of adults ranging in age to discuss the health issues facing African-Americans. The activity was sponsored by the City of Hope/Community Benefit Division. VIDEO coming soon!
VISION: We seek to inspire all members of a family to work together for a healthier future. We are particularly focused on decreasing the percentage of African American families living with chronic diseases and high mortality rates.imitations.

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